8 november 2005

Skype filtered in China?

Verso Technologies, a leading provider of packet-based solutions, announced today a paid trial of Verso's NetSpective M-Class Solution to filter Skype and other peer to peer (P2P) communications with a Tier-One carrier based in China. The trial is for an initial city level deployment and part of a sale for the fourth quarter of 2005, subject to customer acceptance. The trial marks the introduction of the NetSpective M-Class with Skype filtering technology, a first of its kind carrier-grade application filter for mobile operators offering a bandwidth optimization and content management tool specifically for the mobile carrier market.

"The trial is representative of the significant opportunities for Verso's products in the Chinese market, where VoIP is highly regulated and the use of Skype software has been deemed illegal," said Yves Desmet, senior vice president, worldwide sales, Verso Technologies. "More and more countries are following China's direction in evaluating the risks associated with the growing popularity of P2P communication such as Skype, due to intense security concerns with the use of this medium for unlawful purposes and its impact on carriers' revenues and the bottlenecks their networks are experiencing. We believe that this is just the beginning of a tremendous opportunity for Verso."

It is unbelievable to see how american companies are completely unscrupulous when it comes to helping the Chinese government in limiting the freedom of its people. I sure hope that this trial will fail completely!

Just to refresh your memory: remember how Yahoo! helped the Chinese government to prosecute a Chinese journalist and how Google bowed for Chinese censorship?

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  1. After following the link to your website it appeared to me why you want Skype to be banned... You are supporting a competing company!

    So much about freedom :)